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MMA Total Combat Breaking News

Total Combat 33 £2k Tournament

MMA Total Combat are proud to announce: British Open Light Heavyweight Tournament - £2000 Cash Prize Introducing the fighters: Ian “Super” Cooper Age: 35 Weight: Under 94 Kg Height: 5ft 11” Professional Record: 2 Wins 0 Losses Fighting out of: Hartlepool Bio: “Super” Cooper is very well known in the British boxing community with a excellent boxing record. He went on to unlicensed boxing before making the transition to MMA where he is doing well. He is known primarily for his hand speed and power but has got an ever improving ground game. Lanus Jones Age: 24 Weight: Under 94 Kg Height: 6ft Professional Record: 4 wins 0 losses Fighting out of: Doncaster Bio: Jones has built a solid record and will be looking to increase that in this event. Jones has a very good all round game but has exceptional power in his hands, Jones has finished all his fights within the distance with either KO or TKO and will be looking to carry on that trend. Chris Liddle Age: 29 Weight: Height: 6ft 1” Professional Record: Pro Debut Fighting out of: Darlington Bio: Even though this is liddle’s pro debut he has had 4 semi pro fights, in those fights he has shown some really slick ground work and is said to be ever improving, Look for Liddle to be the dark horse of this tournament. Liam Holborn Age: 29 Weight: Height: 5ft 11” Professional Record: 2 Wins 0 losses Fighting out of: Scotland Bio: Holborn comes sporting a good 2,0 record and is training out of the Reivers Mma (Alnwick). Once again Holborn has very good ground skills as well as strikes and it will be interesting to see where he wants to take his fights. This should be a really exciting tournament and we at Total Combat cant wait to see these guys in action! The weigh in and Open draw will be at the Rainton Meadows Arena, Houghton Le Spring, Tyne & Wear on Friday 5th February at 2pm. This will be an open event and all are welcome along

Posted on; 01-01-10 02:25:13

Total Combat 32 fight list

M.M.A TOTAL COMBAT 32 FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS FIGHT LIST 21st NOV 2009 AMATEUR 1. Richie Newsham Vs Luke Ord B/W York Lutador MMA / Sherburn MMA SEMI PRO 2. Carl Joyce Vs Dan Pinchen F/W Kirk Ferryhill MMA Club / Sunderland Stephen Black’s MMA Academy 3. Qasim Shafiq Vs Jonny Bilton W/W Bradford Fulinkazan / Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club 4. Nick Richards Vs Wayne Coxon L/W York Lutador MMA / Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & MMA Club 5. Danny Missin Vs Mitchell Gettins F/W Yorkshire Cage Steel / Sunderland Stephen Black’s MMA Academy 6. Gary Alison Vs Craig Crosby L/W Ferryhill MMA Club / Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club 7. Dave Bridges Vs Terry Froud L/W Manchester Preditors / Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club 8. Jonny Smith Vs Craig Foster F/W Yorkshire Combat Base / Sherburn MMA 9. Nathan Court Vs John Bell M/W Ferryhill MMA Club / Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club 10. Mick Berry Vs Lewis Garside F/W Manchester Preditors / Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club 11. Mick Richards Vs Sean Rodham M/W York Lutador MMA / Hebburn Heavyhitters 12. Nathan Brown Vs Gary Sivills L H/W Leeds Cage / East Cleveland Cage Fighter 13. Andy Wilcocks Vs Jamie Roberts M/W Bradford Fulinkazan / Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club 14. Martin Stocks Vs Gareth Jackson M/W Doncaster Mick Shaws Academy / Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club 15. Jon Waterhouse Vs Mick”The Brick”Lens M/W Leeds Cage / Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club PRO 16. Lukasz Parobiec Vs Steve Watson L H/W Poland MMA Club / Sunderland Stephen Black’s MMA Academy 17. Daniel Sliwowski Vs Dave Wilson L H/W Poland Doncaster Mick Shaws Academy / South Shields Northern Alliance 18. “Dirty” Pete Hill Vs Anth “The Terrier” Grecian L/W W/Yorks Combat Base Pontefract / Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club 19. Rob Davison Vs Chris Petrie H/W Birtley Knuckledraggers & NX Gen / Sunderland Stephen Black’s MMA Academy 20. Matt Inman Vs Colin Fletcher W/W Manchester SBG / Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club

Posted on; 20-11-09 00:33:37

Lens v Waterhouse

Semi Pro Middleweight Title Fight Mick “The Brick” Lens Vs Jon Waterhouse Unbeaten Micky Lens is coming off 4 consecutive Total Combat Victories; Lens fights have only lasted a mere 7 minutes combined. His next opponent is the always game and durable Jon Waterhouse from Leeds Cage

Posted on; 20-11-09 00:31:05

Watson v Parobiec

Steve Watson with a Ju-Jitsu and Boxing Background Makes His Pro Debut on Total Combat 32 against the very durable Polish fighter Lukazz Parobiec from a strong Vale Tudo and Kickboxing background.

Posted on; 20-11-09 00:27:27

Grecian v Hill

Anth Grecian v Pete Hill at pro L/W for a British title which will be interesting as in the fight from the tournament at Total Combat 29 that never happened because of an injury to Pete, both can bang this could be a standing war

Posted on; 12-10-09 21:44:01

Wilson v Sliwowski

TOTAL COMBAT ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE, FOR TOTAL COMBAT 32 ON NOV 21st Dave Wilson Vs Daniel Sliwowski at pro for a British title LH/W, dave is in excellent shape and training really hard needs to be as Dan's a tough grappler i think its going to come down to cardio and who has the better stand up as I think they'll cancel each other out on the floor. This should be an excellent fight

Posted on; 12-10-09 21:42:44

Fletcher v Inman

TOTAL COMBAT ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE: FOR TOTAL COMBAT 32 ON NOV 21st COLIN FLETCHER v MATT INMAN for a British W/W title. Inman undefeated at semi and pro against the very unpredictable the "freak" Fletcher THIS FIGHT SHOULD BE A WAR.

Posted on; 12-10-09 21:38:36

Petrie v Davison

Chris Petrie Vs Rob Davison at pro for a H/W British title , I dont think Chris will want to stand with Rob but then i dont think Rob will want to roll with Chris good clash of styles

Posted on; 12-10-09 21:33:13

Thompson v Andrius

Total Combat are proud to announce Confirmed: Kevin Thompson V Andrius Juska (Poland) L/HW

Posted on; 08-09-09 02:27:47

T.C 31 Results

MMA Total Combat 31 Official Results September 5th 2009 @ Rainton Meadows Arena Semi Pro Gary Conlon Beat Lewis Fawcett Rnd 1, 1 min 59 Secs Via Armbar Dean Black Beat James Brown Via Unanimous Decision Dave Dawson Beat Garrie Steels Rnd 1, 3 Mins 52 Secs Dave Bull vs Lewis Garside DRAW Gareth Jackson Beat Kyle Fitzgerald Rnd 1, 1 mins 51 secs Via Guillotine Choke Liam Henderson Beat Anil Krushan Via Unaniomous Decision Jon Barlow Beat Phil Robinson Rnd 1, 1 mins 2 secs Via Keylock Neil Robbins Beat Carlos Dunbar Rnd 1, 0 mins 9 secs Via KO Darren Wardle Beat John Waterhouse Via Split Decision Mick Lens Beat Liam O'Neil Rnd 1, 3 mins 15 secs Via Keylock Lee Heley Beat James Doyle Via Unanimous Decision PRO Denniston Sutherland Beat Craig Bulmer Via Unanimous Decision Bobby McVitie Beat Andy McQueen Rnd 1, 0 mins 23 secs Via Triangle Choke Chris Petrie Beat Sean Scott Rnd 1, 1 mins 45 secs Via GnP Graham Turner Beat Will Burke Rnd 3, 2 mins 40 secs Via GnP Danny Mitchell Beat Les Ojugbana Rnd 3, 4 mins 56 secs Via RNC Kevin Thompson Beat Andrius Juska Rnd 1, 0 mins 58 secs Via GnP Thanks to all the fighters for putting on a great show for the fans. Also a massive thanks to the referees, judges, cornermen and managers for helping the show run really smoothly. Everyone involved with Total Combat worked really hard and did us proud. Our next event is on 21st November if any British based fighter is interested in fighting please contact me asap: PLEASE CONTACT: PETER MCQUEEN ON: TEL (0191) 5120152 OR EMAIL: WEBSITE: MMATOTALCOMBAT.COM

Posted on; 08-09-09 02:25:45