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MMA Total Combat Events List

> MMA Total Combat 7 < MMA Total Combat 7

On 19-09-2003.....

Skill, Knockouts and Submissions. Watch as 36 Fighters battle for supremacy to gain a Title. Top of the bill-Abdul Mohamed v Lewis Barrow, plus many more Exciting Fights.

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> MMA Total Combat 6 < MMA Total Combat 6

On 11-04-2003.....

Non-stop action by some of the UK\'s best Martial Artists. 15 bouts of 30 skilled Fighters. Including Metcalf, Dowding, Barrow, Irving, Nicholson, Geddes.

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> MMA Total Combat 5 < MMA Total Combat 5

On 01-11-2002.....

16 bouts of 32 skilled fighters from England, Scotland & Wales. Including the first Ladies Fight & Featuring the first Professional MMA Fight in the Northeast of England.

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> MMA Total Combat 4 < MMA Total Combat 4

On 14-06-2002.....

11 Bouts of 22 skilled Fighters with non-stop action. The long awaited Fight Terry Mcdougal v John Nicholson, also featuring- The Dowding brothers, Metcalf, Barrow, Bigland, Kerr,

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> MMA Total Combat 3 < MMA Total Combat 3

On 22-02-2002.....

15 bouts of 30 Skilled Fighters Competing from 14 different Martial Arts to prove who is the best. Including-Turner, Oliver, Mcdougal, Geddes, Barrow. Top of the bill: Richie Bouser v Paul Scott

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